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04/29 : new pict on.
05/01: I changed design of this site.

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Dec 25, 2009 start!
Hello all, Thank you for your coming :)
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About me

I'm Miri,Please call me Miri :))
I LOVE / painting:afternoon nap:cat:dog:Japanese lacquer(Urushi):Soba(Japanese noodles):french fried potatoes
I'm coloring with the watercolor or the painting software.
"Miri cocoro's photostream" <- Flickr :-)

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I hope you find your favorite site from this list :D

Clown doodles
Clown / Illustrator
Oekaki JP
juju / Illustration (and other) portal site
HIDE / Illustration (and other) portal site
tetsuaki / Illustration (and other) portal site

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